Product Market Matrix to Develop Your Marketing Strategy

The product/market matrix is an accepted method of categorizing and identifying market and product developments and opportunities. The matrix basically identifies the various strategies that are available to organizations and divides them into four categories. These strategies are mainly geared towards helping the firm expand using the four categories.

These four categories are; market penetration, market development, product development and diversification. The matrix simply shows firms which category works best for existing products and new products and also which work best for existing markets and new markets. Where existing products are concerned, market penetration works for existing markets while market development works for new markets.

On the other hand, product development works for new products in existing markets while diversification works for new products in new markets. Continue reading

Free Marketing Strategy PPT Slides

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1) Fundamentals of Marketing Management : These powerpoint slides analyze the marketing process and give managers the foundation needed for success in marketing management.

2) Blue Ocean Strategy : Examining a wide range of strategic moves across a host of industries, these presentation slides highlight the six principles that every company can use to successfully formulate and execute blue ocean strategies.

3) Marketing Strategy : These presentation slides comprehensively cover key types of marketing strategy: from market strategy, product strategy, promotion strategy, to pricing strategy.

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5) New Product Development Strategy : These amazing presentation slides identify product development steps and the critical success factors in day-to-day new product development.

You can download these amazing Marketing slides for FREE.

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