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This package contains 20 powerful presentation topics in the subject of marketing management and marketing strategy. The following are the titles of the 20 presentation topics :

All slides are designed in powerpoint files (ppt) so that you can edit or modify and immediately use for your own learning process. You can save your valuable time by using our ready-made presentation materials.


You can see samples of our Marketing Slides Series HERE.


Our Marketing Slides Series have been enjoyed by many people around the world. Here is just a small selection of their comments :

Wonderful presentation. Hussam Nazzal, Marketing Consultant

Thanks, thanks, thanks. Your presentations are very useful. Sameer Mujally, Marketing Manager

Thanks a lot. Your slides are great and easy to understand. Jawid Ahmad, Marketing Specialist

Solid presentation and one which I would like to share to all my team members. Anabella Noguera, Marketing Manager

Awesome presentation!! Kacey Thorps, Marketing Manager

When you download all of those Marketing Powerpoint Presentation Slides, you also will get 5 Exclusive Reports on Marketing Strategy Best Practices. The following are the titles of best practices report :

These special reports provide a comprehensive review on how top companies develop and implement their best marketing and branding strategies.

This package contains a collection of 100 Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that are measurable and effective for various marketing purposes, namely :

This package also contains ready-to-use KPI tables for various positions in the Marketing and Sales divisions, ranging from staff to management levels. The KPI table is in Excel format.


Each KPI table contains a measurable KPI target, the weight of each KPI, as well as instructions on how to get KPI data realization and techniques for calculating KPI achievement scores. You may use this useful KPI table right away to manage the performance of your marketing team.

Manuals and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for all functions within the Marketing and Sales division may be found in this section. There are 34 manuals covering Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service areas. Each manual offers detailed instructions on standard operating procedures, based on world-class best practices.

Each manual also includes an easy-to-read and applicable flowchart. There are also various forms and templates for marketing and sales that are applicable and ready to use in this powerful marketing tool.

These Sales and Marketing guidelines and manuals will help you improve the quality of your team’s working practices

You will receive 11 excellent PowerPoint presentation slides about Personal Development as part of the bonus. Its contents are the essence of several best-selling self-development books.

You may use this material for knowledge sharing sessions in your office because it is presented in a powerpoint slide format that is rich in visuals and has a stunning design.

The following are the titles of 11 personal development topics offered in the form of powerpoint slides :

When you order these excellent marketing presentation series, you also will get 7 brilliant slides on Management Skills Series. The following is the material’s title:

To summarize, the materials included in this Premium Marketing Slides Series are :



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Each of the tools listed above has HIGH VALUE. If you and your coworkers develop it from the beginning, it may take months (just multiply it by the salaries of the employees who make it for a month).


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The good news is, you can get the powerful Premium Marketing Slide Series for only :

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Believe me : purchasing these PREMIUM MARKETING Slides Series will be one of the most valuable investments in improving the performance of the Sales and Marketing team in your company.

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