Types of Product and Service in Marketing Management

There are different types of goods in the market and when planning and developing a product, it is important to take these types into account. This is due to the simple fact that different type of goods are bought at different times and for various reasons. Okay??

You have to take into account the purpose of your product and what it will be used for as these will translate into the reason why the customer will buy our product and when they will buy it. The types of goods in today’s market are: convenience goods, shopping goods and specialty goods.

Convenience Goods
Convenience goods are those that customer buy without putting a lot of thought into the decision to buy them. This is mainly because the customer already has all the information they need on the product before they go out to buy it. The customer is not really looking to go out and get more information on the product and will opt to taking a substitute of the product as opposed to having to visit more than one store looking for that product. Continue reading

What is Return on Brand Equity?

A lot of individuals start and establish organizations for different reasons. One of the most common reasons is “to make a lot of money.” But in the case of a non-profit organization, their reason is “to grow and enhance the cause.” The main reason of people who are inclined in the financial industry is to improve Return on Equity (ROE).

Return on Equity is also referred to as Return on Investment (ROI). However, a lot of business owners who still do not have enough understanding about what Return on Equity truly means. Business owners like you should have enough knowledge about Return on Equity. This way, you will be able to get a lot of benefits from what you possess.

The only way to achieve this goal is to increase your knowledge and understanding about this matter. Basically, Return on Brand Equity is net income divided by investment or equity. It does not get any simpler than that. However, the question is how Return on Brand Equity is derived. Well, there are three components that derive ROBE (return on brand equity). Continue reading

What is Brand Management? Powerful Ways to Understand Brand Management

What separates the company or business from each other? The key factor apart from the service or product itself is- the brand. You want branding and by this come in relation to creative brand management.

So what is brand management, what it can do for your clients and for you as well? How significant it is for the company and your end result? Knowing regarding brand management is an essential part of company education.

Brand management is the procedure of improving, upholding or maintaining a brand so that the name is related with optimistic and positive outcome. It also takes account of a number of essential aspects such as the cost, competition, in-store performance and customer satisfaction. Continue reading

Branding Strategy of Coca Cola

Who can disagree with the fat the coke has developed a brand which is respected and well-know all over the world? On the latest report regarding on Best Global Brand conducted by Interbrand place Coca Cola at the pinnacle of the listing.

Coke has stand out and left all its competitors wondering regarding the exceptional marketing and branding strategy of the Coca Cola.

Began in 1866, constant development in the brand packaging and positioning leads in the great success of the Coca Cola Company. In view of the fact that it’s beginning Coca Cola is aligning it closely with the self-motivated client sophistication as well as acceptability of modernization. Continue reading

Branding Strategy of BMW

Branding strategy of BMW takes place around the same principles of brand marketing and management. BMW is considered one of the leading producers of luxury and state of the art vehicles for many years. Still it is best car worldwide in accordance to a lot of people. This company has always been car manufacturers which denote comfort and magnificence.

European manufacturers that target these vehicles to upper and rich class of each economy and country have produced BMW. Located in Munich, Germany this car manufacturer builds its reputation as the leading car manufacturer all over the world.

Talking about branding strategy of BMW, people always look at the advertising mix which has been utilized and currently practiced in order that the brand accompaniments and can sustain its place in the niche market for long-term. Continue reading

Branding Strategy of Apple

Apple Incorporation is a successful business generating highly qualitative and state of the art and style oriented client electronics as well as computer systems for suitable price.

Basically Apple Inc provides laptops, computers, computer parts, mp3 players and various kinds of software which include its personal operating system. Apple Inc is on the top ten of 100 most precious global brands with an approximately value of $63,113m. The branding strategy of Apple is what makes the Company become successful.

Apple utilizes not just line extension or brand as a strategy- it utilizes both. Until 2011, the company was basically on the go in the computer area and already renowned because of it’s easy to operate items.

Year 2001 when the company made the eminent iPod, that is a huge act of group extension as handy music tools had not been the line of product of the company before. Continue reading