Branding Strategy of Coca Cola

Who can disagree with the fat the coke has developed a brand which is respected and well-know all over the world? On the latest report regarding on Best Global Brand conducted by Interbrand place Coca Cola at the pinnacle of the listing.

Coke has stand out and left all its competitors wondering regarding the exceptional marketing and branding strategy of the Coca Cola.

Began in 1866, constant development in the brand packaging and positioning leads in the great success of the Coca Cola Company. In view of the fact that it’s beginning Coca Cola is aligning it closely with the self-motivated client sophistication as well as acceptability of modernization.

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The Company doesn’t miss any chance to relate its product with huge global commemorations and other global events. For instance in FIFA 2010 World Cup, the Company launched a latest edition of Somali-Canadian K’Naan’a Waving Flag Song. An occasion what was based onhe the International Association of Football Association, watched cumulatively by more than 26,000,000,000 people.

That’s the biggest activation in the history of the Coca Cola Company ever. The song was part of the branding strategy of Coca Cola that become viral in social media, television commercials, and also was linked in the general thread of event.

General factors in branding strategy of Coca Cola Company have forever been related with the sense of joy, unity and togetherness. Coca Cola Company targets on occasions such which connect people largely in the following ways:

1. Family
2. Happiness
3. Culture
4. Music
5. Sports

Since the principle of the company is to sustain the degree of cleverness of its clients, Coke has been viral on various social media. It has more than 35 millions fanatics on Facebook compared to Pepsi with only 6 million enthusiasts and has more than 405,000 followers on Twitter (Pepsi 150,000 Twitter followers). In accordance to current statistics, Coca Cola videos or commercials have been seen more than 34 million times.

Concerning engaging with the community of social media, according to Wendy Clark, the company’s Senior Vice President for Integrated Marketing responsible or supervised the social media part of business states that having fans react to the brand is meaningful since they are the ones who will purchase and consume the product.

A moment ago, Coca Cola Company has promised to recycle plastic bottles gathered at the 2012 London Olympic as well as Paralympic Games into almost 80 million fresh bottles within 24 weeks of the concluding ceremonial. Coca Cola guesses that the reprocessing scheme will address for 1/5 of all client waste during the event.

In addition, the Coca Cola has also presented a unique white Coke Can that features pictures of bears and is advertised on social media network. Proceeds of the sales of the brad aid protect secure the Arctic habitation
All this is engaging and fascinating.

These are some of the different branding strategy of Coca Cola Company that has embedded the brand in the lives of many people all over the world.

Exclusive Report (50 pages) on Marketing Strategy of Coca Cola can be downloaded HERE.