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This package contains 20 powerful presentation topics in the subject of marketing management and marketing strategy. The following are the titles of the 20 presentation topics:

1. Fundamentals of Marketing Management
2. Strategic Planning
3. Marketing Plan
4. Marketing Strategy
5. Digital and Social Media Marketing

6. Managing Customer Service
7. Creative Thinking Skills for Marketing Managers
8. Blue Ocean Strategy
9. Managing Brand Equity
10. New Product Development Strategy

11. Managing Innovation Strategy
12. Marketing Execution Skills
13. Customer Service Strategy
14. Presentation Skills for Marketing Managers
15. Managing Customer Equity

16. Brand Strategy
17. Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy
18. Business Model Generation
19. Hooked : How to Build Habit-Forming Products
20. Lean Start Up

All slides are designed in powerpoint files (ppt) so that you can edit or modify and immediately use for your own learning process. You can save your valuable time by using our ready-made presentation materials.

Our Marketing Slides Series have been enjoyed by many people around the world. Here is just a small selection of their comments :

Wonderful presentation. Hussam Nazzal, Marketing Consultant

Thanks, thanks, thanks. Your presentations are very useful. Sameer Mujally, Marketing Manager

Thanks a lot. Your slides are great and easy to understand. Jawid Ahmad, Marketing Specialist

Solid presentation and one which I would like to share to all my team members. Anabella Noguera, Marketing Manager

Awesome presentation!! Kacey Thorps, Marketing Manager

When you download all of those Marketing Powerpoint Presentation Slides, you also will get 5 Exclusive Reports on Marketing Strategy Best Practices. The following are the titles of this best practices report:

1. Marketing and Branding Strategy of NIKE
2. Marketing and Branding Strategy of APPLE
3. Marketing Strategy of Starbucks
4. Marketing Strategy of McDonald’s
5. Marketing Strategy of Samsung

These special reports provide a comprehensive review on how top companies develop and implement their best marketing and branding strategies.

You will also get this powerful Marketing KPIs. This package contains a collection of 100 Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that are measurable and effective for various marketing purposes, namely:

• Marketing
• Brand Management
• Sales Management
• Customer Relationship Management
• Public Relation
• Advertising
• Digital Marketing.

This package also contains ready-to-use KPI tables for various positions in the Marketing and Sales divisions, ranging from staff to management levels. The KPI table is in Excel format.

Each KPI table contains a measurable KPI target, the weight of each KPI, as well as instructions on how to get KPI data realization and techniques for calculating KPI achievement scores. You may use this useful KPI table right away to manage the performance of your marketing team.

You also will get amazing Manuals and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for all functions within the Marketing and Sales division may be found in this section. There are 34 manuals covering Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service areas. Each manual offers detailed instructions on standard operating procedures, based on world-class best practices.

Each manual also includes an easy-to-read and applicable flowchart. There are also various forms and templates for marketing and sales that are applicable and ready to use in this powerful marketing tool.

These Sales and Marketing guidelines and manuals will help you improve the quality of your team’s working practices.

You will also receive 11 excellent PowerPoint presentation slides about Personal Development as part of the bonus. Its contents are the essence of several best-selling self-development books.

You may use this material for knowledge sharing sessions in your office because it is presented in a powerpoint slide format that is rich in visuals and has a stunning design.

The following are the titles of 11 personal development topics offered in the form of powerpoint slides:

1. 4 Discipline of Execution
2. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
3. Atomic Habits
4. Getting Things Done
5. Measure What Matters

6. Now Discover Your Strengths
7. Start with WHY
8. TED Talks
9. Thinking Fast and Slow
10. GRIT – The Power of Passion and Perseverance
11. Growth Mindset

When you order these excellent marketing presentation series, you also will get 7 brilliant slides on Management Skills Series. The following is the material’s title:

1. Leadership Skills for Marketing Manager
2. High Impact Communication Skills for Marketing Team
3. Coaching Skills for Marketing Manager
4. Measuring ROI of Marketing Training
5. Change Management for Sales and Marketing People
6. Career Planning for Sales and Marketing People
7. Balanced Scorecard to Drive Business Performance


To summarize, the following materials included in this Premium Marketing Slides Series are:

• 20 Excellent Marketing Slide Series
• 5 Exclusive Report on Marketing Strategy Best Practices
• 100 Marketing KPIs and Ready-to-Use KPI Tables for Various Positions in the Sales Marketing Division
• 34 User Manuals for Sales and Marketing Team
• 11 Personal Development Powerpoint Slides Series
• 7 Management Skills for Marketing Powerpoint Slides Series

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USD 2.500
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• 20 Excellent Marketing Slide Series

• 5 Exclusive Report on Marketing Strategy Best Practices

• 100 Marketing KPIs and Ready-to-Use KPI Tables for Various Positions in the Sales Marketing Division

• 34 User Manuals for Sales and Marketing Team

• 11 Personal Development Powerpoint Slides Series

• 7 Management Skills for Marketing Powerpoint Slides Series

You can instantly download all presentation files after payment has been completed.

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Types of Product and Service in Marketing Management

There are different types of goods in the market and when planning and developing a product, it is important to take these types into account. This is due to the simple fact that different type of goods are bought at different times and for various reasons.

You have to take into account the purpose of your product and what it will be used for as these will translate into the reason why the customer will buy our product and when they will buy it. The types of goods in today’s market are: convenience goods, shopping goods and specialty goods.

Convenience Goods
Convenience goods are those that customer buy without putting a lot of thought into the decision to buy them. This is mainly because the customer already has all the information they need on the product before they go out to buy it. The customer is not really looking to go out and get more information on the product and will opt to taking a substitute of the product as opposed to having to visit more than one store looking for that product. Continue reading

Key Steps to Develop Market Segmentation

Market segmentation simply refers to the division of the entire market into different homogenous groups of customers. Market segmentation is very important as it allows the firm to effectively meet their customers’ needs. This is done through the development of products that are targeted towards a particular market segment.

Homogenous here simple means same or alike. This simply means that the needs, styles, tastes and preferences of the customers in that segment are all the same. This makes it much easier for the firm to take care of all its customers use different forms of product differentiation and assortment.

However, for market segmentation to be effective there are a number of requirements that need to be met by each market segment and these are:
The market segment should be measurable. It should be of a realistic size; a size that can be easily accounted for and one that the firm can effectively and efficiently produce products for. Continue reading

Product Market Matrix to Develop Your Marketing Strategy

The product/market matrix is an accepted method of categorizing and identifying market and product developments and opportunities. The matrix basically identifies the various strategies that are available to organizations and divides them into four categories. These strategies are mainly geared towards helping the firm expand using the four categories.

These four categories are; market penetration, market development, product development and diversification. The matrix simply shows firms which category works best for existing products and new products and also which work best for existing markets and new markets. Where existing products are concerned, market penetration works for existing markets while market development works for new markets.

On the other hand, product development works for new products in existing markets while diversification works for new products in new markets. Continue reading

Five Fundamentals Marketing Activities

There are five fundamental marketing activities and these are : Consumer analysis, Product Planning, Price planning, Distribution Planning and Promotion Planning.

We will not take a more in-depth look into each of these activities.

Consumer Analysis. Consumer analysis simply refers to the evaluation and examination of the consumer purchase processes, needs and characteristics. Remember that the product you are developing is targeted toward a certain demographic. You develop the product with a target market in mind; a target market that you want to purchase the product. Continue reading

Four Key Elements of Marketing Mix

The marketing mix simply refers to the planned mix of the controllable elements of a product’s marketing plan. These elements are usually referred to as the 4Ps and they are Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

Adjustments are usually made to each of these four elements until a perfect blend that adequately caters to the needs of the customers and at the same time generates optimum revenue is obtained. Continue reading