Branding Strategy of Boeing – Case Study of Boeing

It’s quite easy to make a one brand culture when you have a small business which strives to make one thing and make it well. It is another story in general when you are a $60 billion diversified business which employs 160,000 individual in seventy countries all over the world. However making a single brand culture is precisely what Boeing Company is making.

A number of years ago, The Boeing Company recognized which is required on making a united strategy. Like some companies, Boeing is renowned for one thing (developing planes) however the company makes a lot of various things.

This company develops military aircraft, missiles, integrated defense systems, communications system and satellites. The company also works with NASA to run the ISS or International Space Station. Still a lot of people think of Boeing, planes. Continue reading

Nike Case Study : Branding Strategy of NIKE

In Greek Mythology, the word “Nike” is associated to the goddess of success, representing ‘honored conquest’ on the battleground. When Bill Bowerman and Phile Knight founded Nike, they aspired to inspire this myth in every product. Primarily, Nike focused on top quality sports shoes however branches quickly to all kinds of sportswear.

Their objective was not just to aid the world’s finest sportsmen find new degree of accomplishment, but to morph the normal person into a new place o Nike athleticism.

The founder wanted each client to believe that through purchasing Nike products, they would obtain success, power and happiness.

Nike stores are consistent with this dream. As a money making business, the branding strategy of Nike interpolate its client into buying merchandise. Continue reading

Branding Strategy of Coca Cola

Who can disagree with the fat the coke has developed a brand which is respected and well-know all over the world? On the latest report regarding on Best Global Brand conducted by Interbrand place Coca Cola at the pinnacle of the listing.

Coke has stand out and left all its competitors wondering regarding the exceptional marketing and branding strategy of the Coca Cola.

Began in 1866, constant development in the brand packaging and positioning leads in the great success of the Coca Cola Company. In view of the fact that it’s beginning Coca Cola is aligning it closely with the self-motivated client sophistication as well as acceptability of modernization. Continue reading

Branding Strategy of BMW

Branding strategy of BMW takes place around the same principles of brand marketing and management. BMW is considered one of the leading producers of luxury and state of the art vehicles for many years. Still it is best car worldwide in accordance to a lot of people. This company has always been car manufacturers which denote comfort and magnificence.

European manufacturers that target these vehicles to upper and rich class of each economy and country have produced BMW. Located in Munich, Germany this car manufacturer builds its reputation as the leading car manufacturer all over the world.

Talking about branding strategy of BMW, people always look at the advertising mix which has been utilized and currently practiced in order that the brand accompaniments and can sustain its place in the niche market for long-term. Continue reading

Branding Strategy of Apple

Apple Incorporation is a successful business generating highly qualitative and state of the art and style oriented client electronics as well as computer systems for suitable price.

Basically Apple Inc provides laptops, computers, computer parts, mp3 players and various kinds of software which include its personal operating system. Apple Inc is on the top ten of 100 most precious global brands with an approximately value of $63,113m. The branding strategy of Apple is what makes the Company become successful.

Apple utilizes not just line extension or brand as a strategy- it utilizes both. Until 2011, the company was basically on the go in the computer area and already renowned because of it’s easy to operate items.

Year 2001 when the company made the eminent iPod, that is a huge act of group extension as handy music tools had not been the line of product of the company before. Continue reading

Branding Strategy of Samsung

In the present day, the accomplishment of a business depends not just on the product quality rather on how efficiently and effectively the value of the product is presented to the clients at the last part. When it comes to this aspect, Samsung Company has taken big steps in its development, whether financially or operationally.

In order to improve the product value of the company, the following are some of the branding strategy of Samsung that other business owner must kept in mind:

• Establishing identity on the product
• Cost involved in the repositioning of the product
• Reaction from opponents or competitors
• Techniques adopted in costing
• Research and development Continue reading