Branding Strategy of Apple

Apple Incorporation is a successful business generating highly qualitative and state of the art and style oriented client electronics as well as computer systems for suitable price.

Basically Apple Inc provides laptops, computers, computer parts, mp3 players and various kinds of software which include its personal operating system. Apple Inc is on the top ten of 100 most precious global brands with an approximately value of $63,113m. The branding strategy of Apple is what makes the Company become successful.

Apple utilizes not just line extension or brand as a strategy- it utilizes both. Until 2011, the company was basically on the go in the computer area and already renowned because of it’s easy to operate items.

Year 2001 when the company made the eminent iPod, that is a huge act of group extension as handy music tools had not been the line of product of the company before.

The presentation of the sophisticated iPhone in year 2007 again was a category extension of the Apple’s product categories because Apple had never been dynamic in the mobile phone market. Furthermore the company presented various latest products in every category such as iPod shuffle that part to a line extension.

For many years, branding strategy of Apple involved developing state of the art services and products aligned with a strategy of digital hub, whereby the company Macintosh computer items work as the digital hub for various digital devices. The full blow of an extremely well thought out branding strategy of Apple has come into focal point-and one in that client experience is central: the Macintosh is not the hub of various things any longer.

In the present day Apple provides a synchronized, harmonized as well as integrated consumer experience all over the company’s main devices, ( Mac, iPhone and iPad), utilizing iCloud as the digital hub. It is on the procedure of prolonging this experience outside the the company’s controlled setting through presenting deep integration with social media network such Twitter and Facebook on iPhone, Mac and iPad.

Apple’s core capability is providing one of a kind experience through unique user interfaces. The branding strategy of Apple product is based about this, by means of iTunes, the iPhone ( by means of its touchscreen “gesture” which are also use on the iPad), and the application of Apple store all playing a significant roles.

The Apple Company Brand Personality
Branding strategy of Apple focuses on customer’s emotions. The company brand personality is all about:

• lifestyle
• liberty regained
• imagination
• hopes
• dreams
• innovation
• aspirations
• power to the people by means of technology

The company brand personality is about simplicity and getting rid of complications from the lives of every individual, people driven Apple product design, and on the subject of being a surely humanistic business with a sincere and genuine connection with its clients all over the world.

Branding strategy of Apple focuses not only on their products but the need of every people.