Nike Case Study : Branding Strategy of NIKE

In Greek Mythology, the word “Nike” is associated to the goddess of success, representing ‘honored conquest’ on the battleground. When Bill Bowerman and Phile Knight founded Nike, they aspired to inspire this myth in every product. Primarily, Nike focused on top quality sports shoes however branches quickly to all kinds of sportswear.

Their objective was not just to aid the world’s finest sportsmen find new degree of accomplishment, but to morph the normal person into a new place o Nike athleticism.

The founder wanted each client to believe that through purchasing Nike products, they would obtain success, power and happiness.

Nike stores are consistent with this dream. As a money making business, the branding strategy of Nike interpolate its client into buying merchandise.

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Store Layout Strategies
The style of the Nike Stores uses standard in-store methods so as to improve the chance of customer’s purchases. If walking into the Nike store, the most enticing element is the highly made and symmetrical layout. Every sport is provided its part that arranged in color and product type.

It is done to appear that there are small stores in one bigger store. This also obtained in the wall as well as floor color motifs that also altered based on the sport illustrated. Swimming for instance, had aqua or water walls the same to what you would see to a real swimming pool. This branding strategy of Nike makes it easier for people to find the product they needed.

This branding strategy of Nike served three reasons:
1. Through having diverse parts for every sport, Nike produced extra markets for every client. It facilitated the belief of every customer which they want apparel for each sport they were participating in.

It also made clients disregard that Nike sporting shirts act similar objective as the yoga shirts. The objective is to make markets in one.

2. To disembodies the prospective client from the store. Through developing a swimming portion really looks like a swimming pool, company facilitates spending through making space which appeals to the thoughts.

This branding strategy of Nike is also related to the basis Nike wanted their floors, walls as well as ceilings to be unsuspecting and dark. They want the target to be on the décor and product that takes the client away the place or store and into a fantasy, mythological realm.

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3. The third objectives of this branding strategy of Nike are to make a maze like environment. This is particularly feature of the bottom floor of this store. Through having various ways, the client maneuvered in rambling confusion. This strategy forces the client to see the entire product prior finding the way out.

As a result, Nike utilizes of space, color as well as architectural techniques are made to gain profits.

The Branding strategy of Nike are more complicated that its style tactics. Even both aim is to mystify the client into buying Nike product, marketing are a more obvious strategy to interpolate the client.

The person may be incapable to understand the true meaning behind each shoe. The individual may be unable to know the meanings behind each however they are drawn because they provide “meaning” and “life” to or else lifeless or meaningless objects.

Exclusive Report (50 pages) on Marketing Strategy of NIKE can be downloaded HERE. FREE.