Branding Strategy of Boeing – Case Study of Boeing

It’s quite easy to make a one brand culture when you have a small business which strives to make one thing and make it well. It is another story in general when you are a $60 billion diversified business which employs 160,000 individual in seventy countries all over the world. However making a single brand culture is precisely what Boeing Company is making.

A number of years ago, The Boeing Company recognized which is required on making a united strategy. Like some companies, Boeing is renowned for one thing (developing planes) however the company makes a lot of various things.

This company develops military aircraft, missiles, integrated defense systems, communications system and satellites. The company also works with NASA to run the ISS or International Space Station. Still a lot of people think of Boeing, planes.

Until recently, the company lacked a consistent brand identity and communication strategy to unit its different enterprises. In year 2008, the Boeing Company presented its “One Campaign, “a complete external and internal branding strategy of Boeing so as to drive a single brand culture and unite how the business relates with the world outside.

The branding strategy of Boeing “branded house” is selected so as to lend immediate recognition to latest products and place the company well in opposition to other company. This strategy of Boeing Company is suitable in higher teaching compared to a house of brands technique: some organizations are following unintentionally as house of products model.

Boeing has just ONE name on their company badges, cards as well as buildings. Past 3 decades, Boeings visual individualities were throughout the map. The company grew and develop over the years in a series of acquisitions and mergers, each company segment had its personal marketing material, color palette, signage.

Boeing Executives Place Together a Wonderful Unwieldy Of Staffs From:

• Creative services
• Communications
• Customer relations
• Sales
• Human resource
• Sales

The team of skilled researchers develops the products promise, personality as well as mission.

They need to identify which features the company has in common. Over the years, the Boeing Company has leveraged its products silo-busting power however and wherever possible, extending which strongly threaded rope all over the company to develop a sense of friendship and companionship as well as shared objectives among the disparate business. This branding strategy of Boeing makes the company to reach out their customers.

Essential Information About Boeing Company
• The branding strategy of Boeing establishes a structure for all communications that starts from advertising up to white papers.

• The company one brand campaign was presented to the public at the prominent Farnborough International Airshow.

• Engaging teaching materials assisted the internal foreword of the company one brand.

• The company extends the One Brand to website properties which include the Why; we’re here web made to assist a world advertising campaign.

The Boeing Company is $70 billion in overall revenue and has 158,000 staffs throughout the world. This is because of the unified branding strategy of the Boeing.