Understanding Consumer Behavior in the Era of ECommerce

When a customer shows an interest in purchasing certain products, most of them follow a process for decision making. This process includes: problem recognition, search for information, evaluation of the expected outcome, the purchase, and the post purchase behavior.

Consumer behavior in the purchase decision market has also been significant influence by the emergence of e-commerce. For the sellers, observing this consumer behavior can significantly help in the further improvement of the products and services being offered.

The first step in the consumer behavior when it comes to making purchase is the recognition of a problem. This phase occurs when consumers are faced with unsatisfied need. It can be triggered either by internal stimuli such as thirst or hunger and external stimuli such as advertisements. Continue reading

Understanding Consumer Psychology is a Key Success for Sales People

Consumer psychology has been used by a lot of companies to help them have an edge than its competitors. They either hire a psychologist just to do the study or they already have one in the company. Its main role is to provide the company information about the behavior of a consumer.

Experts define it as a study on how an individual or an organization feels on a certain product and a study on its beliefs and perception about issues that are related to goods and services. One of its purposes is to provide the company a helpful solution when it is struggling in the market and help in improving the business.

It is also done if the company plans to do changes on the products that it usually offer or if they are going to introduce additional product to the company. This way they will know how its consumers will react to the changes especially if the changed will affect the cost of the product. Continue reading