Strategic Sales Management

A company is like a brand new car, the life and its functionality will depend upon who owns it. Companies are mostly owned by a group of investors that owns different sections of it called share.

These shares are classified as an asset of the owner and same as other assets in can be passed down to their heirs who will soon become the stock holder and the next member of the board.

The rise and fall of a company will depend upon the views of the new member on how to apply an effective strategic sales management. Continue reading

Strategic Sales Plan: How to Develop the Best Strategic Sales Plan?

Those days are gone when sales was considered as an easy job. Now you have fierce competition in the market and the customer does not have the same money and time.

You have to make your sales plans perfect so that even if you have competition your sales people are up to the competition and still can make the same amount of money that they used to. For this, you need a good strategic sales plan that will help you, your company and your sales people to achieve their goals.

To develop a good strategic sales plan you have to keep a few tips and pointers in mind. Because if you have a well-planned strategic sales plan then you can glide towards success but if it is not then you could be tumbling down towards bad failures. Continue reading