Delivering Great Powerpowint Slides on Marketing

The marketing slide of the disk we will discuss about how to use the disk on the internet. On marketing slides desk, you can tell a little background may be demonstrated by reviewing the development of the Internet through charts. You can use different colors to explain certain conditions.

In addition, variation of colors can make the chart look more attractive.

On the next slide, we can discuss more about Inktomi. Inktomi is a real strength of cluster computing. They are one of simple computer giant was able to create that can exceed the speed of Moore.

This means INK and NASDAQ could be evidence of the development of computers increases. They have three major applications that have been known as a search engine.

So, if you use this for yahoo or snap it means you have used Inkotomi. Another thing that can be explained in this phase is the network cache that can make the network more quickly.

For the next marketing slide, it may talk about talking about applications that have been widely used disk. Application is a search engine that works to help people to search data. One example is yahoo. Until now, there are only a few applications that have function as a search engine that is widely used by the public. This section seems you do not need too much material so that you only need a little time to put together these marketing slides.

The cluster gives an answer in real time and then does a presentation, until finally it was changed as HTML. Via yahoo you will actually get the information and the solution of every problem. Even one that is interesting that through a large cluster can help do a search on the internet.

The largest cluster has 166 nodes, each of which has 2 CPUs. He works as a virtual computer that also has a lot of disks. Even one thing that has been predicted by people who are competent in their field is the most important trend for the industry is that of the last drive in the infrastructure.

For the next marketing slide disk, there could use pictures to explain some of the differences if any. Here you can view the pictures showed a group of commodity nodes. An interesting part of this is we can deploy the data base.

Other than that if there is demand, it can go straight to one of the nodes in this case there are about 166 nodes. So if you want to know more about the largest supercomputers definitely use cluster Inktomi. This method is one way to get the bandwidth. Using pictures of other relevant could be an alternative to understand more about the material.

There are some tips that can help you to streamline the marketing slide

You should update the presentation with the latest material. Convey information is to be completely devoted to provide new information to the public. The hope society can be more interested in the information submitted. You also have to specify the slide in accordance with existing standards. You also have to constantly renew and perform document management well.