How to Develop Persuasive Selling Skills

When selling products, a sale person must not be pushy but rather persuasive. Have you ever encountered a sales person having everything good going as he meets all sales goals?

This is the situation for him not because of lack, or natural gift for selling. This has become of him because he mastered persuasive selling skills with appropriate product knowledge which made his sales seem effortless. Through sales training and hard work, he has acquired and developed persuasive skills which magnets sales.

When sales people are pushy about the products they are selling, it can be a total turn off to prospective customers. If there is one thing that customer would not want is someone who just walk up in their fronts and begin talking endlessly. Pushy sales person will look unknowledgeable, unprofessional and even rude.

From the point of view of most customers this kind of sale person just walk out of sales training and was sent out the product just to any person who will listen. This is the reason why many leads in businesses have not been converted into sales.

Persuasive selling skills on the other hand require some subtlety. It involves those capabilities which get customers to see the product from the point of view of seller and buy it.

You can begin by first getting to know your prospect client. You need to take some time to know what they need and what they are looking for. Some sales people fail because they do not realize the importance of relationship building with customers. This is actually the easiest way for you to match up the product you offer to what they need. Remember, you should not sell the product but rather tell them about it.

Make the product you are selling to appear hard to get or in demand. During your sales presentation, always make sure to give your audience an impression that the product you are offering is in demand, limited and scarce. This is because people always want those things that they cannot have.

Even psychological researches have shown results that people tend to give more value to those things which they had the hardest time getting. Salespeople must let their customers know ‘this is the last model available’, ‘limited supplies’ etc. when the customer feels that the opportunity will be taken out or the product is about to run out, they tend to want it more.

Salespeople must talk about losses and not only gains in order to achieve best results. this persuasive selling skill means that you should discuss with prospective customers not only what he will gain by buying the product, but also those that he will lose if he is not going to buy it.

This is persuasive because by human nature, the pain of losing something one already has is more intense than gaining those you do not have. Say for example, you are selling insurance policy. It is not very effective to say that clients will have peace of mind if they will purchase the policy. It can be a better approach if they will tell the prospect those which they will stand to lose in not purchasing the policy.

Convince them that in not buying the insurance, they are likely to lose everything they have in the moment such as their beautiful home, their car and other.

Another persuasive selling skill that one must learn is positioning the product to appear that it is valued by experts. When a person is not certain about a specific product to purchase, he will often observe on how other look at the product.

Among those whom he will observe intently are those experts so that he can determine what course of action to take.

Thus, many sales people usually place advertisements such as ‘recommended by 8 out of 10 experts’. You can also do this with your product by going to experts who have good opinion of the product you are offering. You can share with prospective clients their testimonials and the comments of previously satisfied customers. This is persuasive as customers will be easily convinced if the satisfaction is guaranteed by experts.

Listening is another critical persuasive selling skill that every sales person must learn. When presenting your product, you must not do all the talking, but give your customer the chance to express their views.

You must approach your presentation not like an ordinary selling method but a conversation with a friend. You must have also anticipated all possible questions that may be thrown to you so that you can give them convincing answers. Being thrown off guard by an unexpected question can frustrate a possible sale.

Mastering persuasive selling skills is the game in the business world. The more emphasis place on the selling process, the more leads can be converted to sales to increase business revenues.