Marketing Management of Technology Products

Management activities that are held by the company make the company survive. The process can be started even though the product has not been produced and must still be done even if the sales process is already underway.

Important things the marketing management process are the analysis, planning, implementation, and monitoring. Some parts are important parts of mutual support for the success of a business.

Marketing is a form of sales that have only slightly different meaning. Supported by the three elements of the marketing concept is the orientation of the consumer, preparing marketing activities are integral, as well as customer satisfaction then the marketing process can be able to achieve maximum results.

The things are parts of the marketing management aimed at getting more consumers.

Marketing phase starts with adequate knowledge about the products that are needed by the community. This step would be an important part to maximize sales. When this type of product is known, then the next step is to determine the price of the product to be sold. Determining the prices should be reached by the public so that they can buy the products they need.

The things you should consider in drafting the sales management are

a. figuring out the product required by the customer

b. producing a quality product (The quality products should continue to be considered)
c. determining the price of the right products

d. promoting a product or service to be sold
e. selling products to the public

Through some of the points above, then we can know the difference between marketing and sales. Marketing is a part of the sale equally intended for consumers of products produced. However, the marketing stages involves a variety of activities ranging from detailed understand consumers’ needs to deliver the required product. By taking into account about marketing management aspects, the marketing will help to realize the good cooperation between the seller and buyer

Another thing as part of the management marketing is to classify and characterize the sale of any product that is made. As we know that in general the products are divided into two groups, namely: industrial products and consumer products. Some examples of consumer products are including convenience products, shopping products, specialty products, and unsought products.

Understanding of market segmentation and determining sales targets are an important part that you should consider in drafting a marketing management. In this case you can do the division buyers based on geographic, demographic, psychographic, as well as behavior. These things are factors that can affect product needs.

The marketing management of technology product – through strategy management
In this stage is quite a difficult part. That’s why you have to classify products first.

So you can determine a suitable strategy for the marketing and sales process. Note also the proper ways to help you develop a strategy that is part of the marketing management.

To facilitate you perform the next steps, you should develop a marketing plan first. Marketing plan has several components including executive summary, current situation, marketing objectives, budget, marketing strategies, supporting documents, as well as measurements.