Marketing Strategy of Starbucks Cafe

Studying more about marketing strategy of Starbucks will teach us to be successful to apply principle to always try on big business.

Starbucks itself is an icon of the history of a company because it had been a model for other businesses. The history of Starbucks is perfect illustrated by the success of the franchise business. Many things of Starbucks’ support both businesses small and large businesses, such as food.

A successful food business today is mc Donald. Starbucks here begins with a vision, followed by the final stage. Even success cannot be separated from Starbuck’s vision and continue to make many new innovation although they have succeeded.

A high sense of awareness of Starbucks to environmental conditions, invites young people to care about the things that can keep the environment healthy. Based on to this effect, any company should be more consistently to create some innovative things without having to destroy nature and environment. This is what should be the concern of other companies, so that the beauty of nature is maintained.

Talking about Starbucks, perhaps we can describe with a cup of decaffeinated coffee. You would think how coffee might not contain caffeine. As well as the history of Starbucks, it uses a bold marketing strategy to implement high ideals through Starbucks mission statement.

While, the factors that influence the success are the motivation that continues to be responsible for the success of a franchise business. This is why; it is becoming important things that we must learn to support our success on a bigger business.

One Starbucks coffee company, he has a conventional Starbucks marketing strategy. This company always thinks hard to promote the company there. Until they are confident that Starbucks is a very useful icon for use as a conventional strategy. It can be a unique and rarely used to market a product or business. To learn more about Starbucks marketing strategy, here are some points that can help you get a variety of related information;

a. A perfect cup of coffee
Based on the history of Starbucks, he has showed that they are very concerned about the quality. Even for coffee is offered at a price a little expensive, then they would be able to notice things that satisfy consumers, including; coffee rich in flavor, fragrance delights, and others so that customers will be completely satisfied with the product bought.

b. Alternative comfortable place
Based on marketing strategy Starbucks is to look at the place. Comfortable and natural options are becoming an attractive alternative for enjoying a cup of coffee.

c. Customer satisfaction
By Starbucks, customer satisfaction is the most important factor for continued attention. Based on Starbucks, there is one thing that customers should enjoy the products sold.

d. Create a community
The next marketing strategy of Starbucks is to create a community. In this case consumers are expected to reveal their experience with Starbucks.

e. Brand marketing
Marketing strategies of Starbucks are widely used media from mouth to mouth. This method is considered as the most effective media campaign.

f. Innovation
Innovation is one way to retain customers. This is an effective way, in order for a product to stay competitive with other products

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